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The pastels H. Roché

"The pastellists's reference since 1720.

The painting with the pastel is very "à.la.mode" from the very start of the XVIIIth century. Artists of great reputation, such Quentin de la tour or Rosalba contribute to the success of the pastel.
They need a material of a great quality : "La Maison du Pastel" was born. We are in 172O.

Development of single techniques of manufacture, constant improvements, the reputation of the Parisian workshop will be growing, greeted by prestigious artists, resistant to several changes of political modes, to two world wars which have, each time, almost destroyed the workshops and the invaluable research tasks of the Roché family.

In 2OOO, Isabelle Roché decides to devote all her talent and her energy to the safeguard of this universally known inheritance.

The passion of the pastel seems invincible, such as a phoenix which always reappears from its ashes.

The "Maison du Pastel" is more than ever The reference in its trade and the place of appointment impossible to circumvent of all the pastellists of the whole world.

More than 8OO nuances are at the disposal of the experts "...

la maison du pastel
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