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"Calouan is an author of ludo-teaching albums for Youth".

“Knitting machine of stories", say some, "feather of wool" say others...

What is sure, it is that I like to write stories for the small ones as for the large ones with the same pleasure that I knit sweaters and scarves...

Literature for youth and me :

Impassioned by the writing world and the children, I feel an immense happiness in the realization of works for children.
My three children, who inspired my artist name (Calouan) and a certain number of my stories, are an inexhaustible source of joy and discoveries.

I think that the development of the child passes of course by the training and the knowledge but must imperatively be done into happiness and pleasure. Knowledge cannot be a thing imposed with blows of rule on the fingers. Each child requires that one respects who he is.


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