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If the pastellists can always supply themselves in pastels "one by one", at "La Maison du Pastel", they find also different sets by ranges :
12 pastels "Intensely rich dark colours", "Lusciously vibrant colours", "Landscapes" or "Portraits" in superb foam boxes.

You wish to launch out ?
The boxes "Discovered" of 3 pastels in colour gradations are for you.

Are also available various wooden chests of 72 pastels as well as the "Prestige" chest, to be filled with 567 colours of pastels.

"La Maison du Pastel" completes its range "wooden chests" by a series of gift boxes declined into 5 pastels :

collection "The 4 elements" : "Fire", "Earth", "Water", "Air",
"Subtle portraiture colours".

That you are an initial, an enlightened amateur or an experienced artist, your work deserves an only one quality... the best.

la maison du pastel
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