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Since it was founded in 1720, "La Maison du Pastel" has never ceased counting among its clients some of the world's most renowned artists.
Degas, Chéret, Whistler, Sisley, and later on Bussy, Vuillard, Poliakoff and many others have, by their expectations, contributed to the elaboration of Roché Pastels, and have come to the shop to select colors known for their specific qualities :

- colours of an exceptional intensity and luminosity
- light resistant pigments
- an excellent adhesive quality to numerous supports
- a great surface coverage ability
- a unique texture

The English artist Paul Maze (1887 – 1979), explaining how Vuillard brought him to the store on Rue Rambuteau in the 1930’s to meet
Dr. Roché : « I was taken by God to meet God ! »
« The best pastels of the world » ... still today the largest contemporary pastellists qualify thus the creations of "La maison du Pastel" :

« ... I’ve marveled at them ever since. H. Roché pastels are the best, they’re the “Rolls Royce” of pastels. » Pierre Boncompain
« ... Like a great wine, you look, you appreciate and you savour it... » Jacques Aubelle
« ... the color and texture of the Roché Pastels are so moving that no other pastel will satisfy them afterwards… » Claude Bauret Allard
« ... This ability to break down every tone into an infinite range allows me to endlessly explore the nuances that are my main inspiration. » Sam Szafran
« Good luck with your incomparable, phenomenal pastels. »
Françoise Toujas
« Your pastels can’t be compared to any others. And the range of colors is one of a kind. » Gérard de Waldner

la maison du pastel
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